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Early Voting Is Very Popular

In much of the country, early voting is well under way. Polls suggest that as many as 52% of Americans plan on voting early in the presidential election. In states like North Carolina, ballots for voting by mail were sent out beginning in early September.

It is widely anticipated that voter turnout will surge to record levels. The 2018 midterms brought the highest voter participation rates (for a midterm election) in at least 4 decades, with more than 50% of the voting-age population showing up at the polls.

Higher turnout seems to be reflective of the politically charged moment we’re living through. The COVID-19 pandemic, protests over the killing of George Floyd (and other incidents involving police and African-American citizens), and a damaged economy are all sources of intense political division. …


Shiva Bhaskar

Enjoy reading and writing about technology, law, business, politics and more. An attorney by training, I’m a native of Los Angeles, and a former New Yorker.

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